Who the hell are LivTomJulCo?

Decoy Otis

Location: Roving
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Rank: Top 10 ranking 'Sandfighter'
Power(s): Use of Vulcan death grips, also face
Favourite saying(s): Sheesh!, Wohoo!
Affliction: Lower abdominal pain, severe nasal streaming
Outlook: Death! Death to the unbelievers!

Slightly Crunchy Muesli

Location: District of South England
Species: Human (also turtle)
Gender: Subject to ongoing investigation
Age: 22 - Not old enough to be losing my hair
Rank: Staff writer at LTJ and Intergalactic Development Aid Minister for Nebuloin 7
Power(s): Ability to attract fantastic babes with potato/nostril trick
Favourite saying(s): Saying MJ is a paedophile is like calling Santa a thief
Affliction: Rapidly onsetting baldness
Outlook: Mostly sunny with occasional damp patches

Solid Gap

Location: celestial temple
Species: godling (or god)
Gender: mostly male
Age: old as man reckons time
Rank: master of the universe, doctor of doom, general practitioner of evil
Power(s): the ability to chew through live power cables with my bare teeth
Favourite saying(s): BWAHAHAHAHA,[sometimes when it is really quiet] i can still hear the monkeys!, gaaah!
Affliction:laughing like a manic schizoid when someone says something even remotely amusing, oranges for preference!
Outlook: chaotic evil
The now almost legendary LivTomJulCo. was first founded as a vastly talented and promising animations company. The worldwide hit, Ookaman was the first, and was followed, a few years later, by Calvin and Hobbes - The Movie. Later they produced the hugely successful music video, Sesame's Treat.

LTJ's current activities include: leaping in amusing ways, wearing hats, translating the book of Gap, eating LTJ sandwiches, and creating various facinating spin-off enterprises. They have progressed from Animations to short films (of which they have made none).

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Any death threats? Hate mail? Then E-Mail: LTJ
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