The epic tale

In a world with no rules, a world where death comes fast and life is hard, comes a man. A man, who is but a lowly ranger, but holds the fate of the universe in his hands. He must face the combined forces of uttermost evil and triumph over the conflicts within...
His name... is Twadostick Funglesmith.

This epic tale, which will soon span may volumes, is created using the pooled talents and skill of many supreme wordbringers:

  • Solid Gap: Red
  • Decoy Otis: Purple
  • Slightly Crunchy Muesli: Dark red
  • Aeschylus: Light blue
  • Banshee Carotte: Orange


    If you feel that your talents are wasted and thus, your life meaningless, you may wish to pool your talents with us. Please submit a continuation to the story.

  • Any death threats? Hate mail? Then E-Mail: LTJ
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