The Sons of Sciatica

When Slightly got a job in a minor government research department he was afraid that he would not fit in with his colleagues.

However after a few months a senior manager called him into his office and said that he could see that Slightly was a decent chap and would fit in nicely. Slightly was invited to join a special club for special people with a special sign.


Some famous members displaying the "Sign of Sciatica" by which all Sons may recognise each other

The Sons of Sciatica is a global organization set up for the benefit of all members and the world in general.

As all members are Sons of Sciatica all members are seen as brothers and therefore must treat each other as such. "A brother in need is a brother indeed" as the club motto goes - and all that one brother has must be fully and freely shared with other brothers including information, money, wives etc. In order to protect the world from dangerous people the collective has made it their business to make sure that all positions of power are filled by decent, trustworthy members.

Slightly managed to get the rest of LTJ to become members. Here they can be seen in the traditional dress as worn on ceremonial occasions

There was some controversy in the press recently when it was claimed that the leader of the Sciaticarians had convictions for arson, kidnapping, GBH, illegal hypnosis of a minor, assaulting a badger, impersonating a priest, impersonating a police officer, terrorism, illegal possession of mind bending drugs, high-jacking a fighter plane and treason in five separate Central American states.

However his criminal record reveals only a parking ticket fine which was overturned on appeal when the traffic warden who was to testify jumped off a bridge the day before the trial in completely unsuspicious circumstances.

All hail our esteamed and noble leader Barabus; son of Barabi, son of Scitica the Masterful.

Barabus doing the club sign and displaying his tongue as a sign of greeting and a mark of respect.

Barabus keeps the Skull of Sciatica with him at all times (he sleeps with the Sacred Skull under his pillow at night). He does this or three reasons. To remind us of our leader, to remind us of the sacrifice we must all be prepared to make if necessary and to remind us of how we’ll end up should we ever be unhinged enough to wish to leave the breathren.

Naturally, as a matter of precaution, we have all signed our own death warrants which makes it perfectly legal that if a member decides to leave, the club may remove his cranium with a hacksaw.

Any death threats? Hate mail? Then E-Mail: LTJ
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