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Since crashing onto the world pop scene with their world-wide no.1 hit "I love to love your love, love, love" LTJ have become the most famous and squeaky clean boy band in the history of pop. There 85 million selling debut album "Dream Come True With You" was the fastest selling album ever in fifty two countries and the biggest selling album ever in seventy three. Though critics have not always been entirely positive "blander than a rice cake", "offensively inoffensive", "music for monkeys", the fans have always been fanatically enthusiastic about the sensational threesome. In this exclusive interview we talk to the boys - JB, Tommy and D Koi about music, fame and the fans.

JB, Tommy and D Koi

Q: Tell me JB, how would you describe your music?

JB: Well I feel on some of the tracks we have a real kinda easy listening muzak vibe but with like, banging beats and bongos and stuff . While others are more rocky but with added Peruvian Happy Hard Core flavours. We actually worked with a top producer from the Iranian Trance scene on "Yakabak Yomuch Ik Zuzugburf".

Q: Was the love song "I Just Wanna Honk You Suzy" inspired by someone special in your life?

Tommy: Actually we've all been working 23 hours a day for the last seven years, don't have the time and are contractually bound not to have girlfriends and are actually quite scared of women.
But Susie was my friends mum from when I was seven. She will always have a place in my heart because she used to make me such nice peanut butter sandwiches - she'd take so much care she would make them with so much love - she'd take the crusts off and everything. But the song was bought by our agent from this guy on the internet who specialises in writing non descript but marketable songs for talentless but cute groups of unintelligent people who just want to be famous because their parents didn't give them enough attention as a child.

D Koi: We feel that by being noticed we validate our existence.
But this is the one song that he says came straight from his soul!

JB: Yeah, I like, really feel it inside. We feel so blessed and honoured to bring his work to the attention of the world! And we know in years to come that it will still be played on the radio and we'll be able to sustain our luxurious lifestyles from the royalties.

Concert in Japan

Q: How have you guys been relating to all the fans you've met on your world-wide tour?

D Koi: Well you know, we do what we do for the fans. We want to spread the joy of our music and bring our love into the homes of millions of twelve to seventeen year-old girls around the world.

Tommy: And of course, if you're gay then there has been plenty of speculation in the press that I might be gay too. So buying our records is OK for you too- you are our target audience!

JB: Some of the fans can get a little too enthusiastic. I remember in China we were in our hotel when some of the fans used fake ID to get past hotel security and chloroform to sedate our body guards and then they smashed into our room and ripped lots of our hair out and took our clothes and other stuff and you know, (chuckle) we were actually a little afraid. But this is just harmless fun - they just wanted us so much that they were prepared to actually rip the hair off our heads just to have a little piece of us. We felt honoured to go through that, you know.

D Koi: Yeah, I mean I remember as a kid I sat outside Diana Ross's apartment everyday waiting to greet her in the morning and return at night. It's harmless fun. And restraining orders are just part and parcel of the business- we get our lawyers to issue them every day - the same way as The Osmonds used to issue them to us.

Q: D Koi, I hear that you have aspirations to model and act?

D Koi: Yeah, I feel that I shouldn't really shouldn't deny the fact that I have a talent and that we should all use our gifts to the full. Myself and Tommy have a small part in a film entitled, 'Patriot Impact'...

Tommy: I think we have three crowd scenes; it's very exciting.

JB: Tommy is also writing a film about our lives...

D Koi: Yeah, though some people think we're too young to have a auto-biographical film made about us, but it's all about our lives and stuff so I not sure what they're getting at.

Q: That sounds fantastic. How are you all coping with the pressures of being superstars?

Tommy: It's so hard to do this job, but we truly do believe that God has intended this upon us and we pray every day for his love and to help us not drop the microphones on stage while the tape is running.
We also love each other and our families; thankyou guys...

JB: The love our fans give us is great. Even the people who send us threatening letters help us do our thing and fill us with so much joy.

Q: And what do the words of your songs actually mean?

Tommy: I think everyone can relate to the pictures we paint and the stories we tell in our songs. They can mean different things to different people...

D Koi: ...and absolutely nothing to most people.

JB: It's like modern art. It might look like a monkey painted it/ wrote it but it might have hidden meaning to some people - at least that's what we're hoping.
Maybe people can find meaning in it.

Tommy: And if there is any, then maybe they can come and explain it to us.

Q: LTJ, thank you for your time.

Any death threats? Hate mail? Then E-Mail: LTJ
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