This page contains various items of quality and immense humour.


  • Attack of the mutant killer potatoes
    A typical day for LTJ.
  • LTJ - The boyband
    A world exclusive interview with the band behind the smash hit, "I love to love your love, love, love".
  • The LTJ Health Farm
    Keep healthy in body and in mind. Inlcuding the Mulch Pool and Nasal Cavity Cleansing.
  • The UK Road Appreciation Society
    A subject very close to our hearts.
  • Morons
    How to tell if you are a moron.
  • The LTJ Name Generator
    This will generate your LTJ name and give a brief summary of your achievements.
  • The Sons of Sciatica
    A cutting investigation into one of the most secretive organisations.


  • The book of gap
    Some translations from the fabled book of gap.
  • Flying hats
    Some pictures of some hats. Some flying.
  • Tasty eats
    LTJ's favourite foods. These include the fabled Book of Cheese, a sandwich invented by Cam Winstanley himself (though he denies it), and the now world renowned Dodman's Rock bread.
  • Conspiracy
    LTJ undercover a conspiracy about hat wearing.
  • Wardy worship
    Tribute to a philosophy teacher.

  • Any death threats? Hate mail? Then E-Mail: LTJ
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