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This is THE page. This is the page that you have been waiting for. The page of the two most famous films ever produced on a Mac (except for the nuclear sequence in T2). This the home of Calvin and Hobbes - The Movie. The home of Ookaman. The home of Calvin's Endless Walk and many more outrageously amazing animations

This is the home of LTJAnimations.

By clicking on any of the pictures below you will be able to see each of LTJAnim's greatest movies.

Calvin and Hobbes - The Movie - 776kb
Ookaman™ - 671kb
Calvin and Hobbes' Endless Walk - 17kb
A sneak preview of the fantastic computer graphics in Sesame's Treat™ - 6kb

All Movies © LivTomJulCo. Most Graphics: Solid Gap. Technical Director: Decoy Otis. Most Voices: Slightly Crunchy Muesli.

These movies are in Quicktime format so if none of them work then get Quicktime. If it still doesn't work and you have a suggestion please shout at us. If you use Netscrape then some of the movies will not work. Tough.

Coming soon on LTJAnim.: Ookaman™ - The Revenge and Sesame's Treat™ (the rave version)

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